What are good schools for technology near San Jose, CA?

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What are good schools for technology near San Jose, CA?

Question by pimpunit83: What are good schools for technology near San Jose, CA?
I would like to be a computer technician or an Information Technologist, if that is how you say IT guy properly. I started off going to San Jose City college but I felt i was taking useless courses and that type of school wasn’t just for me. I want something more hands on. I was considering Devry and doing an AA in Electronics & Computer Technology at Devry then finding a full time job and part time doing my BA in MIS or CIS not necessarily at Devry. I would eventually like to work for a company like CISCO of HP, something along those lines. What do you guys think?

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Answer by Ace
Working for CISCO or HP as a tech, needs a 4 year college degree. This is a very competitive industry and blue chip companies look for top students who have extensive knowledge in this field.

Places like Devry teaches and gives the skills to do the job. However, large business look for employess that can evolve and excel in a tech world that is constantly changing and updating. 4 year colleges and universities prepares students for that. They are not only looking for someone who can just do the work, but also think outside the box.

I recommend checking out San Jose State. They have a pretty good computer engineering and science program.

Good luck

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