Q&A: Question about university course registration?

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Q&A: Question about university course registration?

Question by KayGee: Question about university course registration?
So. I took a semester off, and I’m attending TRU in January. However because i waited Im on waitlists for lots of courses, So Im really happy with any course im able to get into. Im just curious bout something. It’s the weekend so i couldnt talk to the school. One of the introductory first year english courses require a 80% In Grade 12 english, I Finished with a 78, Im just curious if something like that matters?

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Answer by Jamie [[ROLL TIDE]]
It depends on how strict the professors and administrators want to be. Technically they could say that since it requires an 80 and you got a 78 that you cannot take the class until you complete a lower-level one or something. But I doubt they would do that.

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