Q&A: I have a couple questions about college courses.?

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Q&A: I have a couple questions about college courses.?

Question by Raider33: I have a couple questions about college courses.? I have been looking at some college courses I would like to take at Indiana University, but I am very confused about some things. How does it work when you choose your courses? Is it like High school where there are some courses you have take? Are the courses you take determined by your major? I just pretty much need to know all that I can about how to choose college courses. Anything you can tell me would be very helpful. Thanks.

I don’t mean what classes in high school. I mean what classes in college.

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Answer by eri
Most schools (not all!) have a number of required courses you need to take to graduate (general education requirements) but those often give you some choice (you need two years of a language, but you can choose which one, you need a year of science, but you can choose the course). Those requirements will be outlined in the student handbook. And your choice of major determines some of the other classes you take. Anything left over is up to you.

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