Q&A: How does online degree courses work ? ?

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Q&A: How does online degree courses work ? ?

Question by x3jenn: How does online degree courses work ? ?
how does it work ? what are pros and cons? can i get AA degree from online courses and then xfer to another college (not online course) to get bachelor degrees?

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Answer by Tammy M.
Online degree programs are meant for those who cannot or do not wish to attend regular classes. So how do they work? Well all that is required is a computer with internet access. Upon enrollment in an online college or university, you will be provided with access to their online education portal through which you would be able to access online study material, courses, lectures as well as interactive activities such as chat rooms, forums etc to connect with your virtual class fellows. You will be given projects with deadlines, and you can work on them anytime of the day, whenever you are free and from wherever you are most comfortable.

Yes you can acquire your AA degree from an online college or university and then transfer into a traditional college. You can find complete information about online degrees and a list of online institutions and their degrees at: http://www.onlineedublog.com/

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