I’d like to take Online courses for college credits, who is most reputable? (also a two part question)?

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I’d like to take Online courses for college credits, who is most reputable? (also a two part question)?

Question by D.E.S. Paintball Team Captain: I’d like to take Online courses for college credits, who is most reputable? (also a two part question)?
Ok, so I am from Wisconsin, I’m a senior in high school. Unfortunately, I go to a Christian private school, and AP classes are not offered, although our curriculum is AP equivalent. So basically, I have a disadvantage in the sense that kids from the public school system have better classes on their transcript than I do, although I do the same work (I’ve taken friends text books in “advanced placement” classes, and a lot of it is very basic… some of these kids don’t even know how to graph without use of a calculator. Some AP kids can’t even graph a line from slope intercept form…) Anyways, needless to say, I have high ACT scores, and good grades for high school, however, I don’t have the big name classes on my college transcript.

So this is a two part question:

1. How will my lack of AP classes affect acceptance and/or scholarship availability? (I’ve already applied to a few colleges)

2. I want to take online courses so I can get a jump start on college, does anyone have recommendation on a internet college course service that would have adequate accreditation to transfer to most colleges? (I plan on going into computer engineering, I do have a small background in computer programming, I’ve messed around with C++, visual basic, and java just screwing around with games, no serious projects, but i do understand the basic concepts. I would preferably like to take these courses and/or math courses. Also i plan to go to either MSOE (milwaukee school of engineering) or Marquette University (they are close to home), how would I know which online credits would or wouldn’t transfer to these colleges?)

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Answer by Mark T
Petersens Guide To Online Schools is available at most libraries. It lists the accredidations and the point of contact. Pursue schools like well known state colleges and universities. Many manufacturer companies have thier own on line certifications such as IBM, Microsoft, Apple, ect… Take your time check out trnsferable creditd from one institution to another. Most staes have thier own Department Of Education and can assist you from picking an online school to paying for courses.

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