college grades, no more repeating courses?

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college grades, no more repeating courses?

Question by : college grades, no more repeating courses?
Hi, I’m thinking of doing Pharmacy… it’s a long shot, but I’m sure if I try harder this time around, I could get around (not to mention of hiring a tutor to help me).

I’m an undergraduate student (biology) and I’ve failed two classes twice. My school does not allow any more repeating after the second attempt (Calculus and Chem 101

I’m thinking of just retaking and overriding the credits from a Community College. I’m just worried pharmacy schools just won’t accept my grades because of these marks. I just have such a hard time with learning in these classes that have 200 students, well for chem. Calculus, is just something I can’t do right. I understand it, but I just eventually get the wrong answer and use the wrong format and so on.

If anything, is there any other route I could go? Would Pharmacy schools accept me? Are there any other careers I can look into, something like Pharmacy (health field please, no pharm tech/doctor/nurse)??

Thanks in advance.
I took physics, and I hated it. The prereqs really kill me. I just love biology…

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Pharmacy schools do not respect community college classes or grades in the required pre-pharmacy subjects. Your situation does not make pharmacy a good career goal for you. You would face much more difficult chemistry classes if you moved along the pharmacy path. You might look into health care administration where you can work in a health care setting but will not have to deal with science.

Best wishes.

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