becoming a pharmacy technician while in college.?

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becoming a pharmacy technician while in college.?

Question by : becoming a pharmacy technician while in college.?
I am a freshman at hofstra university.. I am a chemistry major studying to fulfill all of my prerequisite requirements so that i can enroll into pharmacy school in two years. Being that I want experience at a pharmacy I was thinking about obtaining certification as a pharmacy technician. For those who know the ins and outs can you please let me know if it would be ideal to take those courses while I am still in college and I already have a workload to worry about. Can it be done ? I would really like to work part time in a pharmacy, I’m just worried about the pharm tech course work being too much for me.

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Answer by J Herzog
Many pharmacies such as Rite-Aid and Walgreens don’t require you to have any certification. If you get hired they train you, so you don’t have to waste the money on the actual certification.

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