Applying to 3 University Courses – how do I go about it?

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Applying to 3 University Courses – how do I go about it?

Question by 1: Applying to 3 University Courses – how do I go about it? I want to apply to Forensic and Analytical Chemistry, Maths and Physics, and Product Design Engineering all at Strathclyde University as I’m still not entirely sure what I want to do yet. I’m wanting to write my personal statement soon but I was wondering what the best way to go about it was seeing as these aren’t entirely similar, eg Graphics is important for Product Design Engineering but would be almost no use in the other two courses, so would I say anything about it at all? I don’t know how to let the people reading my personal statement know that I’m very interested in all 3 of these things. Thanks for any help!

I also was thinking if I was too general then they might not think I have enough qualities to be on that course…if that makes sense

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Answer by adamwhite930
You have to be general! Do not go into specifics other wise the Uni’s will realise and they may be reluctant to give a place to someone that is off-topic, or to someone that appears to be applying else and this course is an after thought. For more extensive advice visit the, they have loads of advice for applying to Uni and personal statements.

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