Anyone know how residency works for public schools (college)?

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Anyone know how residency works for public schools (college)?

Question by Ankur M: Anyone know how residency works for public schools (college)?
I’m looking at public univerities and I wanted to know how residency works in terms of out of state/in state rates. I have close family in both Michigan and Illinois and I plan on applying to University of Michigan- Ann Arbor and University of Illinois- Urbana Champaign. But can I claim I residency with either of those family members after a year of attending the school? If I go to any of those two schools I’d plan on spending my time away from school at their houses, not coming all the way back to the East coast.

The reason I’m asking is obvious as it would save tons of money, but I’m sure that there are strict barriers behind it.

Can anyone explain to me how it works? Thanks a lot in advance.

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Answer by TheHzaYou must live in the state for one year while working and NOT going to school in order to qualify for instate rates, unless you are moving in with a parent. If your parents live in another state you must declare that you are legally independant. It’s a pain. You have to file state income taxes.

Good luck

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