Any good study tips for upper level college courses?

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Any good study tips for upper level college courses?

Question by orntelove: Any good study tips for upper level college courses?
I took Community college and got my AA degree…that college was just like high school EASY I never had to study. Now I’m in a real college and its SUPER hard. Im studying history which is lots of names/dates/places (most of time intros assume you already know this stuff it feels like)

any good tips to help?

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Answer by JD_in_FL
The worst part of the whole thing is that when school is too easy for someone at first, it is very easy to get out of study habits and grades can suffer.

You should devote at least 2 hours for homework and study for each hour of classroom lecture. Any less, and your grades could suffer.

One thing that really helps with more difficult classes is to prepare for exams BEFORE the exam by making study notes. For each paragraph you read from the study materials, write down the main points in as small of a manner as possible, not more than two short sentences, one sentence if possible.

If you do this all year long, then when exam time comes, you can spend all your study time re-reading these notes, instead of chapters of text.

For History, try first to make “time-lines” on a poster board, so that you can visually see what event or what person came in what order. After you have that down, then concentrate more on dates (if your professor requires them to be memorized).

Also, home-made flash cards really work well. You can take index cards and put a date on one side, a name or event on the other side. Shuffle them and go through them on one side, then shuffle them and go through them the other side.

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