Am I moving out way too early?

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Am I moving out way too early?

Question by dburnell01: Am I moving out way too early?
So what is going on is that I have a lot to deal with at my house right now, constant fights between parents that have been ex’s for 13 years, reminiscing and rambling to me and my brother over bottles of vodka, that sort of thing.

Now here’s where it get’s complicated. I don’t have that great of a GPA (2.9), so I want to get an associates at a community college so I can do something later at another university. Supposedly finances are not a problem (according to the parents), and college is not a priority at this point.

Another complication is we are moving to another city before July 1st.

What is a priority is getting some money in to move out. In fact, I would probably be staying with my dad if my lady didn’t want me to do it. She want’s to move up there with me, but my parent’s don’t want her living with me. Long distance relations is not an option.

She’s thinking about getting an apartment, or renting a room from somebody. I mean, fuck I’m all for it, but I have but 120 something dollars in my bank! Not just that, but I’m only 17 – she’s 19! Gah!

She’d be bringing in some 12 an hour as a hostess, but the only skills I got is extensive knowlege in computers (programming, computer repair, etc – stuff you need a college certification/degree/whatever to earn money for).

I’m damn good with mathematics (hate it though) and controlling my spending, but on the other hand, I haven’t had any experience with this shit, and the one job I had sucked so much I haven’t felt like applying for another one (Got hired as an “Office Assistant” to help work on a website, ended up binding papers and rearranging a storage room for 6.50. Bullocks). That was two years ago.

Advice please?

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Answer by Aunt C
Living on your own is hard, hard, hard. Talk to a professional about this. It is important for you to understand all of the ramifications involved in rushing adulthood and for the therapist to understand exactly what is going on in your home life. Then, the therapist can help you weigh the advantages and disadvantages of both situations so that you can make an informed decision that you won’t regret later on.

Good luck to you.

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