A short description on these university courses please.?

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A short description on these university courses please.?

Question by jMd…: A short description on these university courses please.? For my degree my advisor says I need to complete one of these courses; Physics, Astronomy, or Chemistry. Neither sounds particularly appealing to me, as Mathmatics is not my strong point, but I have to take one. Can you (if you know & have taken these classes) give me a short description of each, a pro and con of each, and perhaps some hints on how to successfully complete it?

As far as any science disipline, I have taken Bio I & II, & Oceanography & did fairly well in each. These are all 3000 & 4000 upper level courses.

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Answer by Thomas M
It would depend on the particular course you take. If it is an introductory course, then the astronomy class would have the least mathematics. Physics is basically applied mathematics; physics for science or engineering students generally require calculus as a prerequisite or may be taken simultaneously. Chemistry requires strong algebra skills.

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