A failed college class on my transcript that I didn’t even take?

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A failed college class on my transcript that I didn’t even take?

Question by Alys: A failed college class on my transcript that I didn’t even take?
Ok, so I transferred from one large public university to another during the Fall ’09-Spring ’10 semesters , and have ran into a huge problem.

When I was in high school, I took quite a few dual credit college courses from a tech school (which are not the issue here) and a satellite of my current school. I withdrew from the English class from the satellite school, and made A’s in the Math. I never even registered for or the History that was offered. These credits didn’t transfer to my first college, but now that I am at the main campus of the satellite school I took the courses from, I got all of those credits back.

Now, here’s the problem. These were in 2007-2008 high school year. I went to check my transcript to make sure all was well with everything…when to my complete shock, I saw and “Incomplete with Failing Grade” on a history class I _NEVER_ registered for.

It’s upsetting because I have great grades in college, I have never made under a B+. I was also the valedictorian of my class, so there’s no way I could have even graduated (much less as the valedictorian) with an incomplete.

Has anyone ever heard of this? And if so what’s the best way to go about getting it taken off my record? I know I need to contact both parties (my high school and the satellite school), but what would be the best way to deal with it?
Ok, even though it was dual college credit in high school, I NEVER received a grade for it on the high school side of it.

I went to a very small private school, so I have no problem getting their help and transcripts from them as they know me personally. I also have a very common last name (Brown). I just want to know if there is hope for me to get it removed…

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Answer by Tasm
If it is your high school, then you can petition them to get it removed. Since you are at the university already, the highschool grade doesn’t matter.

In college you can petition to have it removed, if they refuse, then you can take the class and have the new grade replace the old one.

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