A career in Information Technology?

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A career in Information Technology?

Question by Binary Boy: A career in Information Technology?
How does one go about getting a job in IT (or the tech field in general)? I want to work with computers, but I don’t want to design software or anything (so no computer science).

The only course that seems beneficial is an A+ Certification at the local community college, but that’s really it. I would love to take all tech courses, but that won’t get me anywhere because of the General Education requirements.

I’ve always been really interested in computers; I’ve even made my own and fixed them countless times for my family (I’m often shocked at how slow they are; I make them run nice and smooth). How would I go about getting my dream job? I know that the A+ cert is the most basic cert out there, so what else would I need to do?

Thanks for any help.

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Answer by Ilya
Consider going into network support jobs. Your community college is a great place to look. Network jobs pay way better than A+ certification jobs (which are generally retail/low paying jobs).

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