2 year computer degree?

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2 year computer degree?

Question by kingsandlions: 2 year computer degree?
Are they worth it? I have a couple college courses (just basics) under my belt, but plan on starting a 2 year computer degree this fall.

I’ll be attending Lonestar College (previously Cy-fair) in the Houston area. Here’s a link to their Computer Information Technology degrees:


I’m thinking of choosing Computer Networking or Database Administration. I really want to do something with Cisco or Network Security. Could someone help me with my degree plan? Are they good degree plans or should I start looking for another 2 year college?

Also – What are the integrated tech. degrees for? Are they for transfer students?

After I can secure a job with my degree I would love to attend a Uni so I can complete a Bachelor’s degree (as I know that’s what most companies prefer), but I’m certainly not focused on that right now..just focused on getting my 2 year degree and getting my foot in the door at some IT place.

Any information would be greatly appreciated!!!

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Answer by Munya
Im in the same boat as you. I have a couple of certifications under my belt but now i need a degree. Im 22. how old are you? I guess you have to go thru the content of the degree to see if it really is worth it. I really would love to talk about this so email [email protected]

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