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Is Information Technology difficult?

| August 3, 2011 | 3 Comments

Question by mAtthew: Is Information Technology difficult?
Im just gonna start college and im thinking about getting this course but i’ve heard a lot of people saying, this is really hard and you need to be good in math. When i was high school, i didn’t really do good in math because i didn’t focus so now im so confused that i might fail it. I love computers but im not good in math.. Help me guys please.. i only have like a month to think.

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Answer by Lukasz L
IT is about using software packages like MS Office to create boring leaflets, databases and stuff… I can’t see why you would need maths for this.

If you’re more into how computers actually work, then take a COMPUTING-related course, not IT. They are very different.

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  1. RESHMA says:

    Dont be afraid of maths.Maths is related to your left brain.So, our teacher always tell us to do some work that helps to improve your brain. there are many memory techniques to do for these techniques. Improve yourself. and dont tell others that you are weak in are the can do it.

    I have heard that IT is more related to networking.that is, its more to do with internet.May be,IT contains maths.but its not that much difficult.In India,doing IT engineering(a 4 year course called BTECH IT.)course includes only 2 maths subjects in every year.and in final year ithink there’s no maths…………i.e totally you have to do 6 maths subjects.thats all….simple…..


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