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Is information Technology a difficult course in college?

| June 7, 2011 | 1 Comment

Question by aileen r: Is information Technology a difficult course in college?
pls be brief in answering.

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Answer by Introvert
Just to inform you, I myself am studying in I.T. branch diploma.

Like all other engineering courses, IT too depends on your aptitude. Normally, IT consists of programs, networks and data, and it requires a good background knowledge and aptitude in computers and software. IT is a mix of both hardware and software(hardware for physical networking and software for data transmission technology and programming). A fundamental knowledge of robotics is also necessary, which needs basic knowledge of almost ALL engineering fields.

NO engineering course is easy, and engineering always depends on your aptitude and your hard work. IT is the same. Do it only if you are good at programming and you really want to pursue the course. It is seen everywhere that people who do not work in engineering fields(IT IS engineering) cannot become good at their respective fields.

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  1. black_Adder says:

    Oh belive me, if ur doing B.E, IT its simple, BE IT is tough for first year which is common to all and then its easy except for network engineering. cause submission will be like 1 page max I have seen is 3 pages, then every one copies programes and also a project, u will be crusing after 2nd year.

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