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College Tuition Cost for X-ray Tech / Ultrasound Tech???

| August 29, 2011 | 2 Comments

Question by boe1419: College Tuition Cost for X-ray Tech / Ultrasound Tech???
Hi I am a high school graduate and am really interested in getting into a community college to take courses to be a X-ray Tech or Ultrasound Tech and was wondering how much would the whole college tuition be. I plan on going just for two years and getting a basic degree. I just need an estimate so I know what to expect and about how much so I can start thinking about grants and loans and saving money, all that good stuff. I appreciate all the serious answers in advance.
Also if you are a X-ray Tech or Ultrasound Tech do you love your job considering the great pay? Thanks again :-)

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Answer by FaZizzle
Expect about $ 50/hour, which shouldn’t be so impossible.

Depending on your CC, it can cost as little as $ 4,000/year or up to $ 10,000/year.

To be an Ultrasound Tech I believe you have to be certified. I’m not sure though.

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  1. sassy_91 says:

    Call the school or get a course catalog. Find out every class needed to earn the degree in that program, how many credits it adds up to, and how much the school charges per credit. It matters if you live in the district or out. You also need to add on for books, technology fees, lab fees, etc.

    Talk to someone in admissions, they can give you a better estimate.

  2. says:

    College programs are much more expensive than hospital-based programs.

    Go to, click on Education/CE, Primary Certification, then List of Certification Programs, click Radiography and Submit. Go down the list until you find the programs in your area.

    I’m an x-ray tech making about $ 42,000…it’s not a life-changing salary.

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